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PostSubject: Operation:Pray4Japan!   Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:05 am

Please read all.

Dear PlayStation Home User, Community Members, and Fellow Japanese People... and ice-cream

Well hello all, like it says up there Pray4Japan due to the tragic event that happen: earthquake followed by a tsunami, and now a nuclear radiation. They have suffered badly, so why not pray for them for they are people to. "We are people, we are human, this land we stand on, is the land that we all stand, its called Earth (if you didn't know)." We have a heart to actually care for one another, im not asking much but please put "Operation:Pray4Japan!" as your comment so others can see that you care for them other then yourself. Please dont be offended towards this thread nor spam me, also no offence to athesist for you can change the "Operation:Care4Japan!" if you want.Please pray/care for them to get better, and for their sake as well, for i will be (trying) to post this thread all over the web, to non-official website, fan website, japan website as well. Please note that i will be doing this to Europe/Asia PS-Home Community page as well, so they can get the message and hope that japan will be better as it was. If your racist please dont spam me nor do anything brag about that japan doesnt need to be better, we are all people we are one. So why can't care. Caring and/or praying will bring hope that other people like as ourselves can bring good news towards to our fellow Japanese friend and all of the above. So i ask are you a person to care? Please put "Operation:Pray4Japan!" or "Operation:Care4Japan!" as your comment so that all people understand we are one person who can give hope to them. Also please reply so i can keep count for who cares/prays to them, for i will be giving/willing to give a message to sony in japan showing that all people around the world, people who reply, we can give our hearts to them. (FYI and BTW... sounds kinda corny for me saying this stuff in a thread *shrugs*)

Your crazy philiosipher and Care loving PS-Home fan XScar-999X

P.S.- Sorry if there alot of grammer error, hearing music while i was typing cant focus. @_@

P.S.S.- I'll re-type this, once im done eating this ice-cream, also done with this song.

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